Are your beneficiary designations up to date?

No one wants to think about what will happen to their retirement savings after they die. But if you don’t take a few minutes to name your beneficiaries, your loved ones could face an extra burden down the road.

Keep your designation current! Sign in to your account and follow the instructions there to designate or change your beneficiary today.

China and the recent market volatility

As you know, the stock market has recently experienced some volatility. We're here to say take this volatility in stride. While wild swings in the market can be seriously unsettling, short-term volatility is an accepted risk of investing. For a brief synopsis of what's going on and what you should do, read this brief article.

Financial planning in the shadow of dementia

More than 15 million Americans are caring for an individual living with Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia, according to the Alzheimer’s Association®. With all the obstacles facing a first-time caregiver, financial planning may be one of the most intimidating challenges. To help guide you through the process, Transamerica collaborated with researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) AgeLab to write The Caregiver’s Guide to Financial Planning in the Shadow of Dementia.

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Know Your Retirement OutlookSM

The OnTrack® tool offers a comprehensive view of your total retirement savings picture, both inside and outside your organization-sponsored plan. In fact, the more information you provide, the more comprehensive your view will be.

Plan Information

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