Welcome to the Trinity Health Retirement Program!

Trinity Health provides you with a robust retirement savings plan that is designed to help put you on the path towards a secure retirement. In saving for retirement, financial professionals suggest a target savings rate of at least 10% of pay each year (combined employer and colleague savings). That may sound daunting on the surface, but the Trinity Health Retirement Savings Plan is designed to provide a meaningful way to help you realize your retirement savings goals.

The plan is designed to support colleagues at various pay levels, to acknowledge colleagues with longer service, and to offer consistency of benefits across the entire organization.

Through a combination of your own contributions, Employer Core contributions, and Employer Matching contributions, our retirement program was developed to encourage you to contribute over the course of your career while at the same time giving you help from Trinity Health. We encourage you to take full advantage of the all of the benefits that the retirement savings plan has to offer.

Retirement Planning Consultant Directory (pdf)

Retirement Planning Consultants

Click here to access the directory of your retirement planning consultants.

What’s Your Retirement Outlook©?

Are you in a position to create the income you'll need in retirement?

We can help answer that question with Your Retirement Outlook, a quick way to help gauge your progress - in real time - and to alert you to take action if it looks like you're falling behind.

Your Retirement Outlook measures the gap between your retirement income goal and how much income your current strategy is likely to produce when you retire. To cover your expenses in retirement, most financial professionals suggest you'll need about 80% of your final working income. Since every situation is different, you can set your specific goal at any percentage. To estimate your retirement income, we consider your age, your retirement plan assets, your contribution rate (and how you're investing) through the plan, as well as your estimated Social Security income. On your plan website, you can also include additional savings and retirement accounts, income, and expenses you and your spouse or partner may have outside the plan.


The icon you see on line offers a snapshot of your progress. It represents retirement readiness - how much of your income goal your current strategy is likely to meet when you retire:

Your Retirement Outlook is updated each time you sign in to your account at https://retirementprogram.trinity-health.org. The more information you provide in your online retirement profile, the more comprehensive your retirement readiness snapshot will be. After you access your account, click on “Are You OnTrack?” from the navigation menu and select “What’s Your Retirement Outlook?”

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